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When information portal electronic cigarettes guru ‘s name says it all. e-cigarette is the focal point for all those who wish to train in detail about the electric cigarette . We present not only the basics, but also offer tips and tricks for advanced steamer. It is not primarily go with us to blame and smear campaigns , but to the enjoyment and benefits of e- smoking for former smokers . We leave the government manipulation of the masses and the media.


You are still a complete newbie to e- smoking and consider the transition ? Then you should read our review for more detail electronic cigarette first time. This is a beginners guide that brings you closer to the most important facts about the E-Smoking . So that nothing goes wrong with the purchase of the first vapour cigarette, we further recommend our products to the best e- smoking shops . In it, we present our 6 favourites in online shops for boat accessories. The list is of course no guarantee of completeness , and it always comes back to change.


Many are concerned about the ingredients of e -liquids and the possible side effects and allergies that are associated with it. We explain to you so that you know about propylene glycol and glycerol, exactly what you expect and what you inhale because the e- smoking actually . Do you want to play it safe , we recommend that you only flavour liquids , which were manufactured in Germany to acquire . This does not mean that everything else is bad, but the controls are very strict in this country now times .


Frequently complain of the lack of long -term studies in the electronic cigarette. Without these studies, it is impossible to predict the long-term consequences for reliable steamboat . Especially critics exploit this to make the product bad, although in tobacco cigarettes is known a long time that they are deadly. Here you go even so far as that this is a sign that the electronic alternative is more dangerous … Of course, the lack of research results are a big problem, but this conclusion does not make sense . It is not thought of the health of the citizens, but exclusively to the financial consequence has a large number of transfer passengers . We see in a separate category all previous investigations and studies on e-cigarette. Through regular updates, stay up to date on the latest developments and latest discoveries .


Since the vapour cigarette is often associated with smoking cessation, this subject area is also represented at the e-cigarette australia guru. We do not claim that the electronic cigarette is a method to quit smoking , but there are now some positive reviews from reputable sources . And it is one in view of the serious consequences of smoking-related diseases not guilty to try anything ?


We present especially the classical methods of nicotine withdrawal , as well as the recent Largesse program be put under the microscope . Dr. Murray provides an effective way to get rid of nicotine in the electronic cigarette. It is in New Zealand so much confidence in the electrical smoking , so it is even officially recommended by the local Ministry of Health to upgrade to protecting your health .

Protecting health

► Respect for cheap devices ! In the U.S., an e -cigarette has exploded on the smoker’s mouth. He lost some of his teeth and tongue.

Passive smokers are at risk?

Yes, they can fine the substances of the e-cigarette over the air can hold . Although the device does not even smokes , the smoke blows the materials but the exhale into the room. Therefore: Steaming the e-cigarettes should be banned in Non-smoking areas , even if they are not as smelly as conventional cigarettes.

Help e-cigarettes to quit smoking?

There is as yet no scientific evidence . Also to the health burden , there are no reliable studies.

Why the abuse of electronic cigarettes is that simple?

Consumers can mix their own liquids , the instructions for this are on the Internet. Instead of water, some alcohol concoctions see about before . “Ultimately, can mix any drugs, which must be made ,” warns expert Dr. As

What is the legal situation in Germany ?

Uneven. Each state regulates the use of e-cigarettes for themselves. In Baden -Württemberg, Hesse and Rhineland -Palatinate are real cigarettes equated in terms of the Non-smoking protection . E-cigarettes may be attenuated in smoking rooms there. Even the German railway prohibits the consumption of these products in their trains.

► the end of June for the first time a district court ruled on the issue, therefore it is considered as pilot process . The Frankfurt am Main decided :  e-liquids are tobacco products. Because they contained illegal additives , the trade is not allowed. The decision is not yet final because the wants to go to revision. The next and final authority of the federal court to decide .

What plans does the EU work?

► The Environment Committee of the European Parliament has launched this week a new policy on the way. It provides that a marketing authorization procedure to estimate the liquid in the cartridges. ” The liquids must be examined carefully and the contents are made ​​known ,” said the MEP Matthias Groote (SPD).

► The European Commission has proposed to classify e-cigarettes as drugs. That would mean : e-cigarettes with nicotine could be bought only in pharmacies. The goal is better quality control. This proposal will probably not reality before 2015 .

How can I protect my health than smoking ?

There is no safe way to buy high-quality e-cigarette australia . But you can follow some rules of thumb : in particular should on the package are detailed summaries (including nicotine ) . Products from the supermarket or the tobacconist are less risky than liquids from the Internet (especially from China) according to industry experts. And : Do not mix themselves ! The substances of many Internet recipes pose incalculable risks to your health .

Making by your own

What’s in e-cigarettes?

Instead of tobacco , they usually contain a nicotine containing e-liquid. It is evaporated by an electric heating element and inhaled by the smoker . The e-cigarette is usually used permanently , the so-called liquids ( for several hundred trains ) buys one after . They are available with different nicotine content , but also completely free of nicotine .

► Dangerous : nicotine triggers cardiovascular disease, it raises blood pressure and heart rate . It can also cause nausea , vomiting and diarrheal.

► But : In contrast to traditional cigarette no substances are burned , the smoke takes no tar on .

E-cigarettes are nicotine-free so harmless ?

No, because the cartridge contains other ingredients . Including fogging agents such as propylene glycol, chemical additives , pharmacological agents , various fragrances and flavourings.

► The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment  warns that these substances can cause harm to your health! Possible effects are allergic reactions and respiratory tract irritation . In some liquids carcinogenic substances were found .

Attracts an e-cigarette


These celebrities smoking e -cigarette

Only shopping in Beverly Hills, then a deeper train on the e-cigarette: Katherine Heigl ( ” One for the Money ” )

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The ingredients are all known ?

Often inadequate. ” Some manufacturers do not declare the full list of ingredients – or even make false statements ,” criticizes Dr. Asa  - Langer of the Cancer Research Centre .

Where the liquids come from?

Especially from China . The exact origin of the components remains mostly unclear.

Make E – cigarettes addictive ?

At high nicotine dose they have addictive potential, because they are no different from real cigarettes .

Is there any quality control ?

No . With electronic cigarettes technical defects have already been identified: Defective products can lead to an unintentional overdose , warns the German Cancer Research Centre . Due to strong suction device on the flavour mixture can get into the mouth. In addition, the cartridge may leak , the liquid can come into contact with the skin.